Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prasath Swaminathan's Farewell Party


What can I say...the spagetti was delicious, the lamb and chicken were tender and juicy and the fruits were marvelous! Dr.Grill, you're number 1!!

Yesterday afternoon, the Orthopaedic department, Hospital Sungai Buloh held a BBQ farewell party for Dr. Prasath Swaminathan at the Orthopaedic clinic. He is one of the most competent house officers in the department. As Dato' Haji Zamyn Zuki (the Orthopaedic head of department) said, "Prasath has successfully completed the Grand Slam of Orthopaedics" (all by above 60% marks):-

  • The Viva
  • CME presentation
  • OSCE, and finally 
  • The Exhibition Round - he presented almost 40 patients in the whole HSB all by himself !!

His triumph has enabled him to gain the Elite title of an OrthoLifer - there are only 10 person with the recognition in the whole hospital.

Now, let us see what Dr. Grill has to offer:-

Spagetti, sauce, fruits ready to be served!

Fresh fruits and Salads....yummy!!

Makanan wajib!! Kambing panggang hahaha!!! Sedapppp!

Okay, terliur tak??? Meleleh air liur dibuatnya...

Our Mr. Universe, Kamarul also can't wait to bedal the lamb...

Abu Hurairah...HO paling kerap disebut-sebut di Jabatan Ortopedik HSB sekarang...

We had a good laugh together. Mr. Salleh gave an excellent citation of Prasath and Prasath delivered a short but meaningful end-of-posting speech. Dato' Zamyn closed the ceremony by acknowledging Prasath and his contributions to the department. I've always learn something each time Dato' delivers his speech and he never fails to amuse me with his jokes!!

From left: Blogger, Premjeet, Krish and Ronnie...(and Ms Jayamalar - only half of her, sorry boss)

The Man - Prasath Swaminathan...thank you for the marvelous and delicious BBQ

I wish Dr. Prasath to have an excellent journey ahead. Thank you very, very much for the 'Mind Boggling' food!


  1. Wah, meriah gak pihak hospital wat parti pepisahan erkkk, macam² makanan ada.

    Dr, ortopedik (susoh nok sebut) tu sebenonya melibatkan penyakit bahagian mana??

  2. @Eryza: Ortopedik ni sebenarnya melibatkan rawatan tulang2 patah, biasanya lepas accident atau jatuh, urat putus ke, sakit belakang, masalah otot dan ligament, proses penuaan lutut/pinggul, rawatan kudis kat kaki orang kencing manis, sesetengah jenis cancer dan banyak lagi...

  3. amboi, sedap nye makan kambing panggang!


  4. hi bro prasath,

    congrats on your achievement & im sure amma&appa are very proud of you...

    keep up d good work..

    ur sis anushia