Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tetamu Allah!


I have been to Mecca (Mekah) and Medina (Madinah) once in 1993, after my SPM examination. At that time, I accompanied both my parents for umrah. At that time, we went to Medina first, visit the MasjidinNabawi, Masjid Quba', Perkuburan Baqi' and Jabal Uhud where the great Battle of Uhud took place.

Then, we continued our journey to Masjidil Haram in Mecca for umrah. Well, that was about 18 years ago. I always pray to be given another chance to go back again.

Well, Allah has answered my prayer. AlhamdulilLah.

Kaabah in Masjidil Haram, Makkatul Mukarramah

InsyaAllah, if everything goes as planned, I will be going to Mecca and Medina again on 29/07/2011 for umrah with my parents. I want to clean and purify my inner self. I want to change into a better person. I have huge hope and requests that I want to beg from Allah Almighty. I hope He grants me my wishes, ameen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding of the Year!


Let me tell you my story. I had an exhausting but fascinating week last week. I was oncall on last Tuesday (21/06/2011) and I took a 3 days leave from wednesday onwards, till sunday for my siblings' wedding. It is the most important event in my family's diary this year. The wedding of my three siblings:-

Nadia (Ya) and Fahmi
Naqiuddin (Naqi) and Rafahiah
Najwa (Wa) and Khairil

It is going to be the Wedding of the Year!

I like to dedicate this entry for my mum who is an iron lady. She is the person that responsible in making this wedding a success. I admire her patient, determination, courage and dedication. I love you Ma.

My mum...Toh Puan Datin Wan Zaharah binti Wan Yahya

I arrived at my family's house in Chukai, Kemaman at 1030am. Most of the preparations were already settled by my father's staff from Pejabat DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) Chukai. The tents were all resurrected, tables and chairs were all already arranged. Inside the house, the sofa set was put aside, carpets cover all the floor. The interior designer people came around 2pm to set up the pelamin. *It was marvelous!!*

The tents, tables and chairs were already arranged

Pelamin/Stage for my 2 sisters and their hubby-to-be

We received Fahmi's delegation at 830pm. It was such a big number of his family members that came that nite. It was like a show of force *laugh*

I was one of the official witnesses (saksi) for the solemnization ceremony, Iju was the second witness. Imam Zaki came a bit late that nite, around 9:15pm. The ceremony was a success. Fahmi aka Tomatoman got through after 2nd akad, just for forgetting to mention the word "yang" in the phrase "mas kahwin yang tersebut itu" during the first akad *laugh*.

"Never mind lah Fahmi, Nadia is your wife now"

Ya was so pretty and gorgeous. The make-up was perfect. The wedding gown and veil were nicely fitted. Fahmi is one lucky guy to be married to her. Tahniah Ya, I'm so proud and so happy for you!! Sayang Ya!
Then, it's time for food and pictures. We slept at 1am that nite.

Princess Nadia! - Pretty and Marvelous

"Tomatoman menjadi milik ku kini" Ya berkata di dalam hatinya...

My happy family...

Mak, Abah, Acik dan Ijah pun datang meraikan majlis dari Seremban...terima kasih!

Hasif...masam nyer muka dia!


On Friday, 23/06/2011, it was Najwa's turn to become the center of attention. She was like a princess, so beautiful, sweet and adorable. Najwa and Khairil know each other since they were in form 1. Their relationship had lasted for 10 years before they were engaged last year. AlhamdulilLah, they are now husband and wife.

Khairil's delegation arrived early at 10am. I became the MC as well as the witness for the ceremony. Ajib became the second witness. Khairil was so relax and confident. He handled the pressure really well. With one akad, Najwa officially became her soulmate. I am so happy for both of you! Sayang Wa jugak!

Khairil cool ajer...Sekali akad aje babe! Tahniah!

Akhir nya kau menjadi milik ku...chewah!

Ibu ku memberi restu...sayang Ma!

Bagai pinang dibelah dua!

Seronoknyer anak2 sedara Cik Wa dgn Uncle Khai ni!

"V" for Victory...Rania bukak lima2 jari!
After friday prayer, all of us depart to Kuala Terengganu for the most major event, the Wedding reception.


The event was held at Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI), Kuala Terengganu. It was such an attractive tourist attraction site with the Islamic monumens and Crystal Mosque. We arrived at Kuala Terengganu at 9pm, and at 930pm all of us were already at the hall for the rehearsal of the event.

Naqi and Rafahiah arrived from Bandung at 11pm. The all new besan were involved in the rehearsal together with my parents and the 3 couples.

Posing di bilik rehat Di Raja...

Patik tumpang duduk tuanku....nak merasa duduk di kerusi di Raja

Pentas 3 pasangan mempelai megah berdiri

It was such a major and delicate event as the King, Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin and Queen Nur Zahirah, together with Tuanku Puan Pahang, Tuanku Azizah, Undang Luak Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, and The Menteri Besar of Terengganu, YAB Dato' Seri Ahmad bin Said will be present. There are strict protocols that need to be followed - how to walk, who walks first, how to raise your hands, how to sit, what not to do and many other things...No mistake is allowed!


Okay, let us put our pengantinssss into pictures. In summary we have 3 couples:

Nadia (my 6th sibling) dan Fahmi - Fahmi dengan matanya yang ayu kihkih! Jgn marah haa..

Naqi (7th sibling) dan Rafahiah - Aki asyik melentok aje kepala kat Yah...sayang nyer kat bini...

Najwa (8th) and Khairil - bagaikan cerita fairy tale...
Nak masuk jugak...pengantin lama hehehe 

It was an extravaganza nite. I am so proud of the Sultan. He symbolises the royal lineage, the history of Malay traditions and cultures in Malaysia. It must be uphold, observed, honoured and protected. Each of the three couples appeared smart and prominent in the traditional Malay costumes. The food was delicious. My dad delivered an excellent speech, addressing all the parties involved, welcoming all the new besan and most importantly, expressing her grattitute towards my mum for her never ending effort. We are very, very,very happy and satisfied to hear the acknowledgement.

The presence of the flower girls (my 2 daughters - Maisarah, Nabila, and their cousin - Sofea and Rania) together with their flower girls's Mama (a.k.a my wife hehehe) made the event very special, memorable and very close to my heart. All of them perform tremendously well! Thank you dear, you did a great job!!

Lovely Nabila in her flower girl dress!

Pretty Kak Long Maisarah in her dress!

Flower Gerlz in Action!

Nabila, Rania, Sofea dan Maisarah bersama Mama Flower Gerlz

Reserve flower girl - Sumayyah...maybe masa Cik Yatul Mayyah boleh action, kali ni boleh pakai baju aje...

My lovely wife, Shahnaz aka Mama Flower...

Pengantin-to-be in 20 years time...excited betul budak2 ni

Now my family is left with my youngest sister, Adik who is still single. The time will come for her wedding...I pray she will get a pious husband, ameen.

Adik sorang aje yang tinggal...(adik yg sebelah kiri yer rakan2, yg sebelah kanan tu dah ada 3 anak heheh)

Ida pun ada dengan baby Iman...Ma, congratz for the success!

Last but not least, special tribute to my cousin, Amru, who is also a professional photographer and acts as the photographer of this wedding. He owns a photography company in Shah Alam. I really recommend you to hire him for your function. But you have to be quick, early booking is advisable...dia macam goreng pisang panas, memang laku.You can reach him by this website:

Amru - His character amuses everybody, his professionalism speaks for itself

That's all for now...time to sleep!

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Experience!


What a day! We started Grand Ward Round (GWR) at 0730H and finished at 1400H today. The whole Orthopaedic team of Hospital Sungai Buloh joined the round including Dato' Haji Zamyn Zuki, who is the head of department. My respected mentor, Mr Shahrid, who is also Spine Consultant is around together with other specialists - Mr. Chong, Mr. Roshan, Mr. Salleh, Mr. Hazrin and Ms Jaya. On top of that, the Registrars (Residents), Medical Officers (MO) and House Officers (HO), Medical Assistant (MA), Staff Nurses (SN), Sister and Matron also involved. I think, the GWR today was the longest GWR that I ever encountered throughout my medical career! Kamarul, one of the registrars said "my knees became recurvatum by the end of the GWR" *Hahaha*

Anyway, we have learnt a lot from today's GWR, participating in the discussion as well as impart some knowledge that we have with fellow medical and house officers. Sazali, Kamarul and I did a quick night round with the HOs last nite, just to familiarize ourselves with the patients - Memang berbaloi!

As a consequence, my time with my family members have to be cut short. I have to travel back to Kuala Lumpur from Temerloh on Sunday afternoon, around 1700H. The journey took 2 hours. My inner self whispers "If only I still work in UKM Medical Centre, I would have travel on monday morning itself". The situation and circumstances in Hospital Sungai Buloh do not permit such an idea.

Nabila cried when I started my Estima's engine. "Papa, Papa bagitau la cikgu Papa, Papa pindah la kat sini. Na rindu Papa, Papa jangan la pergi Kuala Lumpur, Na nak ikut Papa". My heart cried yesterday...

My 2 lovely daughters

"Jangan la balik Papa..."

Bye Bye Papa! Hasif masih tak faham apa2 lagi...

Throughout the journey from Temerloh to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, my heart cried. I can't really described the feeling. Now I know and fully understand the feeling of Sazali, who have been traveling every weekend to Kuantan to see his family for the past 2 years...I'm devastated. I felt sorrow in the Sunday morning itself, moodless, unease, discomfort, sad....while driving, I already starting missing my kids....I really hope I can cope with this situation. I shared my feelings with Sazali last nite...He gave me a couple of advices. BE STRONG! BE PATIENT!

Ya Allah, please guide me! Ya Allah , please give me strenght!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We are shifting again!


About half an hour ago, I received a letter from the Ministry of Health confirming my transfer to Hospital Sungai Buloh. Shahnaz is going to be assigned as an anaesthetist at Hospital Sultan Ahmad Shah (HOSHAS) in Temerloh, most probably next week. So, here we go again...

We just shifted to our current house in March 2010, barely a year ago. If I looked back, since 2002 when we first started housemanship, we have shifted 6 times (and bought 2 of the houses hahaha)! This is going to be the 7th! "Ohhh, it's okay, Demi kepentingan perkhidmatan kepada rakyat dan negara....cliche huh!"

Nabila is schooling in Qdees Taman Midah under Teacher Salma. She is really a dedicated and experienced teacher. Nabila can already read Malay and English fluently now, just within 5 months under her guidance. We almost decided to change her school early this year looking at her academic performance when she was 4 years of age, under different teacher of course. After a lengthy discussion with the Qdees principal, Ms Kaviar Kaur, we decided to give it another try. She promised to put Nabila under teacher Salma. Her previous teacher (when Nabila was four) apparently quit her job (terminated??).  We got news that many other parents complained about her.

Nabila was devastated by the fact that she has to enter different school. The first time she knew about this, she cried and appealed multiple times:

     "Mama, Papa, Na suka sekolah Qdees ni...."
     "Papa, nanti Na rindu Teacher Salma"
     "Mama, nanti cikgu baru Na garang"

and many other reasons...

Some friends asked me, "why don't you stay here with the kids? Let Shahnaz works in Temerloh"

I replied, "Yeah...good idea. Let Shahnaz works in Temerloh and let me stay here with kids and our MAID!" If the JAWI raids our house then what??

Nabila really enjoys her school. Allow me to share a story. Shahnaz and I went to here kindergarten on 23th of May 2010 (after I came back from Kota Bharu for my exam) to celeberate her birthday (her birthday was actually on 17th of May) for a surprise birthday cake and gifts! Nabila and her friends were extremely excited!!

Kelas Nabila: En Graham Bell under Teacher Salma

Nabila and her kindy friends

With her best friend...dah lupa dah nama apa...

Okay, the cake is here! (Teacher Salma in the background)

"I am ready to cut the cake!"

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Nabila"

Banyaknya chocolate and sweets!

"Na Sayang Mama!, Thank you Mama!"

"Thank you Papa, I luv you Papa"

To my kids, be patience...this is temporary. This is a challenge to us all. I pray to Allah that I pass my exam this November so that I can join all of you in Temerloh. Ameen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Biasiswa JPA


Utusan hari ni melaporkan 500 pelajar tajaan JPA gagal pulang untuk berkhidmat di Malaysia selepas tamat pengajian sepanjang 10 tahun lepas.

355 kes berjaya di selesaikan dan masing2 pulang. Baki 145 lagi masih berdegil. Kebanyakkannya di UK. Kebanyakkan kes melibatkan lulusan Perubatan dan Kejuruteraan.

Sebelum saya berangkat ke University of Otago, New Zealand dulu memang ada perjanjian dengan JPA dan Kerajaan Malaysia. Kerajaan Malaysia akan menaja pengajian saya dan sebagai balasannya, saya kena berkhidmat selama 10 tahun. Jumlah tajaan tu saya difahamkan, mencecah RM500,000 setiap pelajar (maklumat ni tidak diberitahu semasa taklimat, saya cari sendiri di internet). Kalau saya break the contract, saya kena bayar RM160,000. Tahun ni tamat la kontrak 10 tahun ni *yeay!!*

Biasanya alasan yg diberi ialah gaji di sana lebih tinggi. Ada jugak yg takut nak buat housemanship kat Malaysia. Apa punya alasan da...

Pada saya, ini soal amanah, jujur dan tanggungjawab. Tak kira la apa alasan yg diberi, mereka2 yg refuse untuk balik ni sebenarnya tidak bertanggungjawab, amanah dan jujur. Bukan kah kita dah menandatangani perjanjian (JANJI!). Janji mesti ditepati. Ini amanah rakyat Malaysia untuk melihat kita berbakti kepada tanahair. Tidak jujur dengan diri sendiri, mementingkan diri sendiri...Selfish! *marah ni!*

Daripada membazirkan duit rakyat hantar mereka2 yg tak bertanggungjawab ni keluar negara, baik guna wang sebanyak RM500,000 tu untuk taja 3 - 4 orang di IPTA dalam negara, lagi berbaloi. Sekarang ni semua orang mahukan biasiswa. Semua pihak push kerajaan - sama ada ni pihak kerajaan sendiri mahu pun pembangkang.

Saya setuju sangat kalau tindakan tegas diambil ke atas mereka2 yg tidak bertanggungjawab ni. Patut nya dah lama dah kerajaan ambil tindakan...

Monday, June 6, 2011

An Enjoyable Trip to Petrosains KLCC


My family and I spent a wonderful and quality family outing together at KLCC yesterday. The initial plan was to leave our house at 11am and get into the Petrosains exhibition hall by 12 noon but when we arrived at the counter at 11:45am, we were told that the hall was like sardines in a can, fully packed with people. Ohhh, I've totally forgotten, it's school holiday! No wonder!

Yeay! Dah beli tiket dah!
Ahhh...who cares....we bought the tickets for 6 people - Myself, Shahnaz, Sofea, Maisarah, Nabila and Hasif. Okay, actually, to tell the truth, we only paid for 4. Nabila and Hasif got free tickets since they are below 4 years old. The earliest time to enter the hall was at 4pm. Plenty of time since it's only 12 noon. Hmmm..."what to do now...okay, who's hungry???). All the girls raised their hands.

Hasif - "Macamana nak buat V ni?"

Nabila, Sofea dan Maisarah enjoying themselves!


My 3 pretty gerlz....with their chicken drumsticks! (Kenapa Kak Long buat muka camtu?)

Smile Hasif! Sibuk nak main BB Papa...


Then we walked outside the Suria KLCC, enjoying the panoramic view, the man-made fountain and the playground. The kids were really enjoying themselves! That was when the problem arose.

Muka Sofea iras2 muka Dora the Explorer kat baju dia tu...

Seronoknya Fea...

Na sayang Papa!

"Where is Hasif?"

"There" - Shahnaz pointed towards a corner of the playground.
I saw Hasif was running here and there like a lipas kudung...suddenly he ran under a slide and over a wall...and wallahhh...he dissappeared!!!

Shahnaz and I ran towards him but he was nowhere to be found. We looked at each other. "Where is he???"

We started looking for him...up and down the stairs, down to the swimming pool area, asking people...but we couldn't find him.

"Sabar sayang" I tried to calm Shahnaz. Her eyes were already watery and red. We refused to panic. Not yet.

I talked to 2 security guards that were watching over the people there. "Ya...Ya...3 years old, boy, fair skin, straight and dark-brownish hair, blue shirt, white pants with brown shoes". I repeated 3 or 4 times to as many people that came across me.

"Ya Allah, please save my son, my only son" I prayed continuously. I put all the bad thoughts aside.

Hello, Polis ke? Saya sesat la...toloonn...ChipChip.

I gave my father a call, an emergency call. Asking for help, whatever he can do...

After half an hour, while searching for Hasif, I was approached by a security guard - "Encik, kita ada menerima laporan, ada sorang budak dijumpai di depan pintu Suria KLCC, lelaki, baju biru, seluar putih, tetapi budak cina".

"Tu anak saya tu!" I confidently told the security guard. "Memang muka dia macam cina"

I walked with the security guard to the ground floor Suria KLCC where the information counter is situated. And to my relief, I saw an exhausted, crying face in front of me...."Hasifff!!!!"

Hasif smiled and raised both his hands. And I saw Shahnaz and the 3 girls came down the escalator. She immediately held Hasif and cried...Now we know the feeling of losing a child, even for half an's devastating...


After zuhur prayer and a lite snack, we went up to 4th floor of Suria KLCC. We entered the Petrosains Exhibition sharp at 4pm.

The kids really benefited from this trip. So many new information, games and simulation inside. Especially, the Singing Dinasour, Space Travel and Helicopter Simulation.

Not centre enough la Kak Long!

Bergaya sakan budak2 ni...

Eksyen bersama Dinasour, ala2 model gedik gitu

Racing car...tak habis2 berebut!

We spent 2 and a half hour...till the exhibition finished at 6:30pm. I really recommend this Petrosains Exhibition to all parents and teachers. It is very informative and fun, though tiring. It is suitable for children and adults. But, try to avoid school holidays, or otherwise you will have to wait to enter.

That's all for now, folks..