Monday, September 26, 2011

Toy Story!


I'm very excited! Thank you very,very,very much to my beloved wife for the best ever birthday present (so far...)! Even though I have to wait for 2 months before I got this special present from you, it's worth it. Love you so much baby!

Are you ready??

This is my new toy!    *Jeng, Jeng, Jeng!*

It's like a dream comes true...

We bought it at Low Yatt Plaza. I am aiming for a compact camera with multi-tasking and excellent picture quality. Initially, after doing some homework, we went to the plaza to buy Canon IXUS 130, but after a lengthy discussion, explanation and demonstration by the camera promoter, we ended up with Panasonic LUMIX DC Vario, with 14 MP, 8 times Optical Zoom and 4G memory card. It has all the criteria that I look for in a compact camera.

Excellent stuff!!

Thanks sayang!!!


  1. ingatkan birthday abg din. terus check fb :P Happy belated birthday! congratulations kak shahnaz on your extraordinary achievement! n best of luck to abg din this November :)

  2. Salam memang hadiah birthday Abg Din pun Yah, cuma terlambat beli ajer sbb kak shahnaz skrg kan keje kat Temerloh.

    Anyway, terima kasih for ur kind wishes. Semoga dimakbulkan. ameen.

  3. igt cite psl cite katun toy story dulu tu. ngee.

    anyway, lps ni bleh amik gmb ya banyak2. hehehe

  4. nak amik gambo wa byk2 pun wa dok kisah..wa rela..hahah.tahniah abg din for the great gadget!enjoy it!