Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Amazing Race


Now, I would like to share the beauty of the Orthopaedic department in Sungai Buloh Hospital. Under leadership of Dato' haji Zamyn Zuki, the department is truely reflects its motto - 'Unlike Any Other'.

Under his leadership, Dato' has successfully developed the Orthopaedic department that is very special in its own way. He does this by combining and exploiting each individual strength and fascilitating solid team work. He has managed to identify, extract and utilise the best quality of his specialists, medical officers and house officers under his supervision. This is especially in terms of House Officer training (housemanship).

I would say, from my observation and interaction with house officers in my previous hospitals (including in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur and Pusat Perubatan UKM), the house officers in Sungai Buloh Hospital are among the best.

The house officers are trained to be responsible, knowledgeable, full of discipline, punctual and hard working. They are pushed to the limit in terms of knowing all the patients under their care, present the cases to their superiors, manage the patients (under supervision, of course) and participate in doing surgery. Lackadaisical attitude will not be tolerated. At the end of their training, they become very confident, reliable and competent medical officers that enable them to give the best service to fellow Malaysians.

On top of that, Dato has many special ways in making all his house officers are fit and healthy.     *laugh* 

I think this is the only department that has this program. This program is code name: HOST. It consists of multiple difficulty levels, HOST 1, HOST 2 and HOST 3.

HOST (House Officer Stamina Training) 1 involves pushing the House Officer (houseman) to run up 9-storey Hospital Sungai Buloh building by stairs...fuuhhhh! AND....before I forget, let me just make it clear...the run will be 3 rounds!!!...Yup! 3 kali yer tuan2 dan puan2...Naik, Turun....Naik, Turun....Naik, Turun....3 kali! (Naik pakai tangga....Turun pakai lift..hehehe...)...really the opposite of what all of us usually do! (Naik pakai lift...turun pakai tangga      *Wink Wink*)

It can be done in this hospital because the staircase is soooooo cleannn. I've never seen a hospital with  a staircase as clean as Hospital Sungai Buloh. Not a single dust!!!         *Laugh*

On of the Beautiful pictures on the wall

Clean staircase with creative and colourful paintings on the walls

Macam2 exercise boleh buat...

On one fine day, Dato' Zamyn said that all the Orthopaedic registrars must join the run as well. We stunned and looked at each other..."Whattt??"                         *Larat ke ni???*

The 4 Registrars: The Guitarist, Mr. Universe, The Blogger and The Level 2 Registrar

So, from that day onwards, we (kita orang berempat yang kurang muda ni...) start practicing...Sazali, the Level 2 registrar and I went up the stairs in the quarters, Sabaruddin the guitarist, running up the stairs in the wards and Kamarul (Mr. Universe aka The Rock) starts to use his inhaler to further expands his lungs.   *Hahaha*

Finally the day arrives.

Despite our relatively 'young' age, we manage to show our fighting spirit and challenged the house officers, who are 10 years younger.         

*In fact, it was not bad at all*

Sabarudin got the second place and Sazali came out 3rd. One of the house officers, Devan became the winner despite all his vomitting stuff on the 9th floor     *hahahaha* - Sorry Devan...

So, at the end of the HOST 1 Race, we had a good dinner at Enzo Cafe. The moral of the whole race was 

"if we pushed ourselves, we can be what we once thought we can't".

That's all!!

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