Monday, November 28, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H


Rasanya masih belum terlewat untuk saya mengucapkan Salam Maal Hijrah 1433. Selamat tahun baru! Semestinya ia bukan hanya sekadar ungkapan dibibir. Ia perlu disertai dengan penghayatan, dari segi makna dan sejarah hijrah itu sendiri.

Dalam konteks yang lebih luas, kita perlu terapkan hijrah didalam kehidupan kita sekarang. Berhijrah ke mana? Mungkin itu soalan yang timbul.

Matlamat kita perlu jelas. Tanpa matlamat yang jelas kita tidak akan ke mana. Saya secara peribadi meletakkan matlamat secara umum dan juga secara khusus, juga mengikut tempoh masa yang saya sasarkan. Sekadar untuk berkongsi, matlamat umum saya untuk tahun 1433 H ini, antaranya:-

1. Meningkatkan amalan kerohanian
2. Meningkatkan taraf ekonomi keluarga
3. Menambahkan ilmu pengetahuan dari segi perubatan dan agama

Daripada matlamat umum tersebut, saya khususkan lagi dengan memperincikan setiap satu, contohnya:-

1. Mesti solat pada awal waktu, sebaik sahaja masuk waktu solat fardhu
2. Melakukan solat sunat dhuha dan witir setiap hari
3. Melakukan QiamulLail
4. Menunaikan Fardu Haji tahun depan, InsyaAllah
5. Saya nak berkorban seekor lembu tahun depan
6. Saya mahu menjadi seorang penulis dan akan menghasilkan sebuah buku pada tahun hadapan
7. Saya akan pastikan proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran houseman dan pegawai perubatan di hospital tempat saya akan bertugas nanti akan berjalan dengan lancar

Ini adalah contoh2 yang saya buat untuk diri sendiri. Banyak lagi sebenarnya, tetapi cukuplah senarai di atas untuk perkongsian. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan dan mengizinkan saya melakukannya semua. Ameen. Kalau ada apa2 feedback boleh reply kepada saya yer.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 2011 Batch of Orthopaedic Surgeons


This is the picture of new Orthopaedic specialist (November 2011 Batch) and our lecturers:-

From Left:
Front Row: Mr.Hisam (L), Mr.Syed (L), Mr.Azmi (L), Mr.Yazid Kassim (L), Prof.Sabarul (L), Prof.Mamoun Kremli (EE), Prof. Sharaf Ibrahim (HOD), Ms.Hazla (L), Mr.Yazid Bajuri (L), Mr.Halim (L), Mr.Mahyuddin Mohamed, Mr.Rajesh (L)

Back Row: Mr.Ed Simor Khan, Mr.Zafri Helmi, Mr.Tan CW, Mr.Saifullah Hani, Mr.Sazali Salleh, Mr.Maidin Sarman, Mr.Kamarul AlHaqq, Mr.Ogeil AlBasyeer, Mr.Ahmad Fadzli Sulong, Mr.Nur Shaidi, Mr.Faruk Ganduz, Mr. Amir Afshari, Mr.Edewet Daun, Mr.Fadhli Miskon

HOD - Head of Department
EE - External Examiner
L - Lecturer

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guide for the new journey ahead


I have many great teachers and mentors that guide me throughout my career, as a house officer, as a medical officer as well as during my training period as a registrar. I'm so grateful for that. They are always willing to impart their knowledge and share their experience. I would like to share with you 3 of my mentors' advise (these are their exact words!):

Tahniah kerana telah lulus Peperiksaan Sarjana Ortopedik. Syukur AlhamdulilLah. Berkat doa + solat kita semua. Semoga Allah merahmati kejayaan kita dan mempermudahkan perjalanan saudara bertiga seterusnya..Z

*PS. Bertiga - Referring to Dr. Kamarul, Dr. Sazali and myself

Dato' Dr Zamyn Zuki bin Tan Sri Mohd Zuki,
Consultant Spine Surgeon
Head or Orthopaedic Department
Sungai Buloh Hospital

Assalamualaikum, tahniah kerana telah lulus untuk menjadi Pakar Ortopedik. 

Forget about the past. You're now in a completely different world. All the patient responsibility now on you. Don't make minstake, know your limitation. Always discuss with your boss and don't take unnecessary responsibility. 

Selamat maju jaya dan berusaha untuk memajukan diri. Tq

Mr Zulkiflee Osman
Consultant Paediaric Orthopaedic Surgeon
Head of Orthopaedic Department
Penang General Hospital

Congrats! All the best, this is the beginning of new journey! Enjoy yourself.

Madam Razana Amran,
Consultant Hand and Microsurgery Surgeon

I will remember their advise. The advise will be my guidance in pursuing achievement in my career. There are many for wishes and greetings from other specialists, colleagues, medical officers, houseman and friends. I thank them all. I am very happy and grateful for this achievement. It is not easy, however it is achievable.

I did my first surgery as an Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday. Teaching a new medical officer, open reduction and plating of the radius and ulna. "Haneem, it's my pleasure to teach you. Just remember, you have to read before you start doing the surgery. You have to know what you're doing"

The procedure is one of the surgeries that new medical officers have to learn when they're in the Orthopaedic department. Eventually, their skills will develop and their knowledge will grow.

Only Allah knows my feelings when the time seeing 'Mr Mahyuddin' on the board!! :)

I will continue the legacy of my mentors. May our good deeds be encountered for insyaAllah for our life in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My First Speech as a Specialist


During the announcement of the official Part 2 result yesterday (18/11/2011), some of us were given opportunity to say our speech. These include Ogeil Mubarak El-Basyeer (from Sudan), Farouk Al-Gandouz (Libyan), Amir Hossein (Iranian), Nur Shaidi (Serdang-based candidate), Fadhli Miskon (The Chief Registrar - UKM-based candidate) and myself (Sungai Buloh-based candidate).

I want to share with you my speech on that day, since I think all of us can learn something from it. I didn't really prepare the speech before hand, it was an impromptu. But I gave quite a lengthy speech. Hmm... let see...just need to recall back from my memory...

Assalamualaikum...bismillahirrahmanirraheem. Fainnama'al 'usri yusran, inna ma'al 'usri yusran. Sodaqollahu 'azeem.

My beloved Orthopaedic Head of Department - Prof. Sharaf, external examiner - Prof Mamoun Kremli, Prof Sabarul, my senior colleauges - Mr. Halim, Mr. Azmi, Mr. Syed, Mr.Hisam, Ms. Hazla and Mr. Yazid Kassim, my colleagues and friends.

The journey during master programme was not the same for everyone. For some, it was a straighforward one, for the others, it was the other way around. For me, the route to become an orthopaedic surgeon was tortuous. I took my part 1 exam 3 times, and part 2 exam, 4 times. So, if you want to talk about stress, come talk to me...*the audience laugh*

The training in the 3 centres - UM, USM and UKM were different. But it was obvious, at the end of the training, in term of theory, the candidates from all the 3 centers are of the same standard, however, the UKM candidates are lacking in term of clinical skills.

Yes, we can read how to do clinical examination from the books. However, BOOKs CAN NEVER REPLACE LECTURERS. The candidates need the lecturers to guide them and to show them the correct way on how to approach cases and how to examine patients at postgraduate level.

Since I enter the programme in 2006, I have seen improvement in the systems. The End-of-Year assessment for 2nd and 3rd year candidates are very good. It keeps the candidates to be at the edge in term of knowledge. The Thursday session including census and CME are very good teaching tools. The mocked exam organised by Mr Yazid Bajuri is really helpful for the candidates., about being transferred to Hospital Sungai Buloh (Prof. Sharaf has asked me to specifically talk about this). 

Well, when we were first told about this, we're really worried. Coming from the Open System, where we came to PPUKM during our final year, we realize that there are a lot of theory things that we can learn here. The patients in the clinic are also cases that come for the exam. So, we feel that we're at disadvantage.

Hospital Sg. Buloh with Dato' Zamyn as the Orthopaedic HOD has his own reputation. People talk many bad things about him. But all those talk was wrong.  Dato' Zamyn is like a godfather to us. He has his ways to train and guide us, not only academically but also in term of personal development. He imparted his knowledge, he asked us to examine cases in front of him. He put us under stress, but this stress keep us on our feet at all time.

I think it is a good place to send registrars for training and I can recommend to you to send more registrars there if there are failed candidate in May exam. Dato' Zamyn will be more than happy to accept them.

For those who failed this time, don't worry, don't be sad. Remember what Prof. Masbah always say - "It's not how many time you fail that matter, it is about how you take it, come back and fight till the success that matter". I know your feeling. I've been there, I pass after 4th attempt and don't forget Mr Razak Hussein who has passed after his 5th attempt. Just don't give up. 

Finally, I would like to thank all the professors and lecturers for all the knowledge that you have imparted upon us. Thank you.

Blogger with Prof. Mamoun Kremli

From Left: Mr. Edewet, Mr. Saifullah, Mr. Ogeil ElBasyeer, blogger and Mr. Fadhli Miskon

After the announcement and the feedback session, we took a picture together with Prof. Mamoun Kremli, Dean of Medical School, Al-Maarefa College, Saudi Arabia. The other 2 external examiners - Prof. Josephine Wing-Yuk Ip from University of Hong Kong and Prof. Ajay Puri from Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai, India were not present during the photography session.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Chapter of My Life


AlhamdulilLah!!! Finally, today 18/11/2011, officially I am a qualified Orthopaedic surgeon. After all the hardwork, the hurdle that I have been through, sweat and tears...the day finally arrived.

It took me 5-and-a half long years to complete my Master programme. I've passed my Part 1 exam after 3 attempts and now, this Part 2 after the 4th about stress huh!

"Never give up! Be strong! Your turn will come!"

*Yea right, easy for you to say*

I really understand how it feels like to fail the exams....because I have failed for so many times. With each failure, it makes me tougher, more resilient, more knowledgeable, more experience and more prepared to be an Orthopaedic surgeon. course, at the expense of my age and my time with my wife and kids. Everything has to be put on hold. At least temporarily, until I pass.

Well, it's over now. I will share my knowledge and experience with others. There are things that I think can be improved on during the master training programme. This success also does not come easily, there are miracles that comes with it. I will share this in my next entry.

There are so many things I want to do now...have to list them down.

Hopefully I will be posted to Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (HoSHAS), Temerloh, where my wife and kids are living at the moment. The kids really need my presence.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Final Exam Hurdle

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

AlhamdulilLah, I have passed the written part of CBO Exam. The result was formally announced 2 hours ago. Now, the race is on for the clinical part. It will be on the 14th till the 17th of November.  

*Powering Up*

Funny.... If I think about it, I am only 4 days away from being an Orthopaedic surgeon. And to be more exact:

  • 2 hours in OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)
  • 1 hour in VIVA VOCE (Oral Clinical Examination)
  • 1 hour in a Long Case Clinical Examination (with a patient and 3 examiners)
  • 30 minutes in Short Case Clinical Examination (with 3 patients and 3 examiners - 10 min per patient)

So, a total of 4 hours and 30 minutes separate me with the new title. Hmm.. I have another 10 days to prepare - Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The fate has already been written, more than 35 years ago (when I was in my mother's womb *laugh*). I just need to give my best shot and embrace my destiny, InsyaAllah.

Study time...bye and wassalam.

Thursday, November 3, 2011



AlhamdulilLah, finally the written part of the exam ended. So grateful that it is over. At least for now. Can rest for a while.

My head of department, Dato' Zamyn has given his permission for the 3 of us to take time-off till the end of Eidul Adha this weekend. We'll be working again on Tuesday.

The written result will be out by tomorrow. Hope it goes well, insyaALlah ameen. If everything goes as planned, I'll be sitting for the clinical part on the 14th.

Till then.