Monday, July 11, 2011

Bicycle Ride


I had a wonderful, fruitful and joyous moment during my last weekend with my family in Temerloh. Kak Long Maisarah and Nabila both have a bicycle. However, both bicycles were out of order since almost a year ago. Thanks to me. Too busy with studying and working.

Maisarah is already 8 years old and she is still not capable of riding a bicycle, my poor little girl!

So, on Saturday, 9th of July, the day when the Bersih 2.0 rally took place in KL (takde kena mengena, hehehe), I went to a bicycle shop in Temerloh and had both the bicycles fixed. And my cute, adorable little boy, Hasif got a his first ever, 3-wheeled bicycle, Yeay!

So, here goes:-

  • 4 new hand brakes and brake cables for both bikes
  • 2 new paddles with Nabila's bike
  • A new, pink-coloured bell for each bike
  • A new set of bearing for Nabila's front tyre
  • Adjustment of alignment for Maisarah's front tyre and seat elevation

And they can't wait to Rock and Role!

Maisarah's bicycle - As good as new

Nabila's bike - a pink, 4-wheel ride!

The next morning we went to Kubang Gajah Park in Temerloh to practice. Initially it was very difficult for Maisarah to ride her bicycle. I have to hold the bike from behind and ran with her as she paddled. Nabila had no problem of course. She was riding her 4-wheel bicycle and she was speeding at 90km/hour    *laugh*

I am really proud of my eldest daughter, Maisarah. She practiced relentlessly. She fell multiple times with bruises over both her shins but she was persistent. We went to the park again in the afternoon for another practice session and to my surprise, she proudly demonstrated her newly acquired riding skill to me!! She rode her bicycle like a lipas kudung!

Kak Long bergaya dengan basikalnya...

Ni gaya Si Nabila pulak....bukan mainn lagi dia eksyen!

Nabila dan Maisarah bergaya dengan basikal masing2

Gedik nyer la Nabila ni...nak kena hantar sekolah agama awal budak ni...

Mama setia menungu dan memberi semangat

Well done Kak Long, Papa is very proud of you!! 


  1. salam honey, wow! what a nice recollection of the whole event.. indeed it was one of the most rewarding experiences being parents, seeing kaklong's determination and perseverance.. it is an achievement, being able to ride on the 2 wheel-bike.. it was inspiring.. and well done to u my love.. u sweat a lot under the hot sun, hehe.. catching up with her while she's struggling to keep her balance on the 2 wheels.. i'm so proud of u too.. soon, it'll be nabila's turn.. thank u Allah..

    your honey

  2. Mana lg sorang anak Dr??
    Kalo tak silap, masa baca topik
    Petrosains aritu, ada 3 org dak pompuan.

  3. @Eryza: Ohh, Anak kandung saya ada 3 orang, 2 perempuan yg dlm entry ni, Maisarah dan Nabila, dan sorang lelaki, Hasif.

    Yang lagi sorang dalam entry Petrosains tu anak susuan saya, Sofea. Sofea tu anak sulung adik saya, Hana. My wife menyusukan dia masa dia baby dulu. Tapi sy mmg rasa sayang dan treat dia macam anak kandung sendiri.

  4. Sy gi baca semula topik tu, sy keliru
    sbb Dr dok tulih anak sedara.
    Now, dah paham. =)

  5. asyik tergelak bila baca ttg nabila :P

  6. @Eryza: MMg sy dok tulis anak sedara sbb sy anggap Sofea mcm anak kandung sy sendiri...

    @Yah: Nabila punya gaya mmg camtu...tak payah diajar...tahu aje dia nak eksyen...