Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Vocabulary


Regarding my last post...It seems that all 3 of us - Sazali, Kamarul and I, have understood the word 'chit' wrong last nite. I've got some comments from the readers. When I google the word 'chit', I found out at least 3 definition of it: Here goes:-

chit 1  (cht)
1. A statement of an amount owed for food and drink; a check.
2. A short letter; a note.
3. A Brownie point: earned vital chits with his party by making fundraising speeches.


Okay, This is truely my ignorant. I have learned a new vocab today, I think the same goes to many of my other friends.

Apology to Old Town White Coffee!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Boys Time Out at an Old Town White Coffee


I just came back from a dinner with Kamarul and Sazali. We have chosen a well-known food outlet, Old Town White Coffee in Sungai Buloh. It is newly open, I think only a week ago.

While eating and chatting, suddenly we burst out with laughter...I just wanna share this with you.

Spot it if you can...

Cuba teka apa yang kelakar kat order form ni?

To the food outlet, don't worry. I'm sure it does not affect the customers impression on the brand. The more important aspects are the food quality and the service delivery. It will be awesome if you could correct the spelling though.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm Number Five!


I am five days away from my journey to Medina (Madinah Al-Munawwarah) and Mecca (Makkah Al-Mukarramah).

So far, the preparation is according to plan:

Kaabah in Masjidil Haram, Makkah....tak sabar rasanya!!

  • I had my Meninggococcal vaccination on Thursday. It costs me RM110 by taking it at a private clinic in Bandar Tun Razak Cheras. Initially I wanna get the injection at Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Buloh, but according to a staff nurse working there, the vaccine is out of stock...*I'm puzzled*

  • I've converted some of my money into Saudi Riyal. Currently, you can get 100 riyal with RM85....*no bad*  Just wanna buy some food, dates and maybe a few things for the relatives here. I'm going there with a purpose...and that does not include Shopping! Hehehe          *Wink*

  • My passport is already with the Zahafiz Travel Agency, that is arranging for my visa into Saudi Arabia. Hopefully, everything is going to be smooth.

I will be flying via Malaysia Airline System (MAS) at 7:00 pm on 29th July 2011. This year, I'll be starting my fasting month of Ramadhan in Medina. Can't wait to go!!


I pray that my journey will be blessed by Him. I hope He will assist me during my time there, grants my wishes, give me health and ease and InsyaAllah, a safe journey back to Malaysia. Ameen.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Amazing Race


Now, I would like to share the beauty of the Orthopaedic department in Sungai Buloh Hospital. Under leadership of Dato' haji Zamyn Zuki, the department is truely reflects its motto - 'Unlike Any Other'.

Under his leadership, Dato' has successfully developed the Orthopaedic department that is very special in its own way. He does this by combining and exploiting each individual strength and fascilitating solid team work. He has managed to identify, extract and utilise the best quality of his specialists, medical officers and house officers under his supervision. This is especially in terms of House Officer training (housemanship).

I would say, from my observation and interaction with house officers in my previous hospitals (including in Selayang, Kuala Lumpur and Pusat Perubatan UKM), the house officers in Sungai Buloh Hospital are among the best.

The house officers are trained to be responsible, knowledgeable, full of discipline, punctual and hard working. They are pushed to the limit in terms of knowing all the patients under their care, present the cases to their superiors, manage the patients (under supervision, of course) and participate in doing surgery. Lackadaisical attitude will not be tolerated. At the end of their training, they become very confident, reliable and competent medical officers that enable them to give the best service to fellow Malaysians.

On top of that, Dato has many special ways in making all his house officers are fit and healthy.     *laugh* 

I think this is the only department that has this program. This program is code name: HOST. It consists of multiple difficulty levels, HOST 1, HOST 2 and HOST 3.

HOST (House Officer Stamina Training) 1 involves pushing the House Officer (houseman) to run up 9-storey Hospital Sungai Buloh building by stairs...fuuhhhh! AND....before I forget, let me just make it clear...the run will be 3 rounds!!!...Yup! 3 kali yer tuan2 dan puan2...Naik, Turun....Naik, Turun....Naik, Turun....3 kali! (Naik pakai tangga....Turun pakai lift..hehehe...)...really the opposite of what all of us usually do! (Naik pakai lift...turun pakai tangga      *Wink Wink*)

It can be done in this hospital because the staircase is soooooo cleannn. I've never seen a hospital with  a staircase as clean as Hospital Sungai Buloh. Not a single dust!!!         *Laugh*

On of the Beautiful pictures on the wall

Clean staircase with creative and colourful paintings on the walls

Macam2 exercise boleh buat...

On one fine day, Dato' Zamyn said that all the Orthopaedic registrars must join the run as well. We stunned and looked at each other..."Whattt??"                         *Larat ke ni???*

The 4 Registrars: The Guitarist, Mr. Universe, The Blogger and The Level 2 Registrar

So, from that day onwards, we (kita orang berempat yang kurang muda ni...) start practicing...Sazali, the Level 2 registrar and I went up the stairs in the quarters, Sabaruddin the guitarist, running up the stairs in the wards and Kamarul (Mr. Universe aka The Rock) starts to use his inhaler to further expands his lungs.   *Hahaha*

Finally the day arrives.

Despite our relatively 'young' age, we manage to show our fighting spirit and challenged the house officers, who are 10 years younger.         

*In fact, it was not bad at all*

Sabarudin got the second place and Sazali came out 3rd. One of the house officers, Devan became the winner despite all his vomitting stuff on the 9th floor     *hahahaha* - Sorry Devan...

So, at the end of the HOST 1 Race, we had a good dinner at Enzo Cafe. The moral of the whole race was 

"if we pushed ourselves, we can be what we once thought we can't".

That's all!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aerobic Class Exclusively for Ladies!!


What a relief! I am very happy to receive a news from my wife this afternoon that she has discovered a place for her to do her aerobic exercise. She has been looking hard for it. In fact I have been looking for it as well, even asking my facebook friends and searching the internet. But to date, I could not find a suitable aerobic class her her.

Do you know why I say it is not easy to find a suitable aerobic class? Because we are looking for aerobic class that fulfill these criteria:

  • It is conducted by a female instructor
  • Exclusively for female participants only
  • Closed-door venue
  • Closed to our home
  • Last but not least, It is Cheap...                    *laugh*

Yes, there are many aerobic classes in Temerloh... including the one in Hospital Sultan Ahmad Shah and also classes organised by the Kolej Komuniti Temerloh. However, the classes do not fulfill the above criteria. The classes mix both male and female participants and conducted in open space. There are so many people who don't really care or mind about the intermingling, but I do. Anyway, for those who are interested, the aerobic class will be conducted daily at Dewan Tun Razak, Temerloh at 6 to 7pm.

AlhamdulilLah, I thank Allah for this opportunity that He has given my beloved wife, for her to do what she really fond of and at the same time abide to the criteria that will please HIM.

P.S Let us pray to Allah that He gives His blessing to YB Lo' Lo' that has passed away a few days ago. I would like to suggest my blog readers to read the article written by Dr. Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin (Dr.MAZA) regarding Dr. Lo' Lo'. The article is a mind opener, there are many things we can learn from it. Please read it (my blog has link to Dr. MAZA's blog)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Amazing Saturday!

*This entry will be in Malay - ubah selera sekali sekala*


Tahniah Maisarah! Semalam Kak Long Maisarah menang pertandingan mewarna anjuran Kolej Komuniti Wilayah Timur yang diadakan di Taman Rekreasi Kubang Gajah, Temerloh. Tak sangka, mula2 pergi kat situ cuma nak main basikal aje, tak sangka pulak ada Karnival Kolej Komuniti. Ianya sebenarnya lebih kepada mendedahkan kepada masyarakat mengenai kursus2 yg ditawarkan di kolej2 komuniti kat Malaysia ni.

Karnival 1 Malaysia Kolej Komuniti Wilayah Timur

AlhamdulilLah, Tahniah Maisarah!!

Hasif tunjuk 'victory'!

Dalam perjalanan ke Taman Rekreasi tu, kami melintasi sebuah kuil...tiba2 aku terdengar perbualan antara Nabila dan Maisarah:-

Nabila:     Kak Long (Maisarah), kenapa orang2 tu sembah patung?
Maisarah: Sebab dia orang tak kenal Allah...

Nabila       : Patung tu tuhan ke Kak Long?
Maisarah  : Bukan Na, tuhan kita Allah. Tak boleh panggil tuhan, sebab kalau kita terbalikkan perkataan tuhan, jadi hantu tau Na...(???Apa kena mengena nyer ni?? hehehe)

Maisarah  : Patung tu bukan tuhan, dia tak boleh buat apa2 pun...kalau lalat duduk atas muka dia pun dia tak boleh halau tau Na...
Nabila      : Oooo. Hanya kenapa patung tu tak boleh gerak Papa? (Nabila sekarang ni asyik guna perkataan 'hanya', tapi langsung tak kena pada tempatnyerr *laugh*)

Aku          : Sebab patung tu tak bernyawa Na, benda yang bernyawa saje yang boleh bergerak, macam kita,  macam semut, lalat...
Nabila      : Oooo

Aku bersyukur, AlhamdulilLah. Bagusnyer anak sulung aku ni...dah boleh nak explain dengan adik nyer.

Comotnyer makan aiskrim hehehe

Sampai masuk dalam hidung aiskrim Hasif....erkkk

Enjoying their time-out with Papa and Mama

Kebetulan, petangnya, semasa aku membaca Majalah Solusi isu 29, aku ter 'come-across' artikel berkenaan lalat (muka surat 67):-

Firman Allah swt, surah al-Hajj, ayat 73:
"Wahai umat manusia! Diberikan satu perbandingan, maka dengarlah akannya dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Sesungguhnya mereka yang kamu seru dan sembah, yang lain dari Allah itu, tidak sekali-kali akan dapat mencipta seekor lalat walaupun mereka berhimpun beramai-ramai untuk membuatnya. Dan jika lalat itu mengambil sesuatu daripada mereka, mereka tidak dapat mengambilnya balik daripadanya. (Kedua-duanya lemah belaka), lemah yang meminta (daripada mendapat hajatnya) dan lemah yang kena minta (daripada menunaikannya).

Aku terkesima. SubhanaAllah. Ayat ini diturunkan bagi membincangkan penyembahan berhala oleh kaum Quraisy di Makkah semasa da'wah RasululLah saw. Kagum aku dengan perjalanan hari ini yang Allah aturkan untuk diri ini...mendengar anak2 bercakap mengenai Lalat dan Berhala di siang hari dan kemudiannya, membaca artikel mengenainya pada petangnya...SubhanaAllah.

Malamnya aku mengajar dan meneliti bacaan Maisarah mengaji Al-Quran (kebetulan malam nisfu Syaaban), menghabiskan bacaan surah Yaasin. AlhamdulilLah, Kak Long dah boleh baca, walaupun ada bacaan yg perlu dibetul kan.

Zaman sekarang ni, bukan sedikit budak2 sekarang yang tidak boleh mengaji...jangankan mengaji, kadang2 nak mengucap pun tak pandai, apatah lagi baca al-surah Al-Fatihah...tapi, kalau suruh nyanyi lagu pop ke, rock ke, dangdut ke... memang lancar...

AlhamdulilLah...aku bersyukur kepada Mu ya Allah...aku bersyukur kerana dikurniakan anak2 yang pandai, boleh mengaji, solat dan taat kepada aku dan ibu mereka. Aku bersyukur kerana dikurniakan isteri yang pandai mendidik anak2 kami yang sedang membesar tanpa kehadiran aku disisi mereka...alhamdulilLah.

Semoga Allah memberi rahmatNya dan memudahkan urusan kita semua, ameen.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farewell Mr. Chong!


We had an excellent dinner party at Rebung Restaurant on last Wednesday (13/07/2011). Rebung restaurant is located in Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, not far from Barbara Cafe. The owners are the famous Chef Ismail and Malaysian Angkasawan, Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar.

It was in conjunction with the Farewell party for Mr. Chong, who is leaving to Adelaide, Australia for a year, as part of his Spine Fellowship training. I have to say "thank you very much"to Suhaimi, one of the house officer who was incharge in organising the event. The food was delicious, especially the traditional Malay cuisine.

Sazali, Mr. Chong and Me

Many housemans attended the party...

House Officer made a number of presentations including an unforgettable song from Fridge (Fareez), a duet by Suhaimi and Charanjeet, a 'Bila Larut Malam' song by Charanjeet and her geng and a solo presentation by Kapten Nora. The highlight of the event was the farewell speech by Mr. Chong himself and of course, 2 songs from Dato' Zamyn Zuki.

"Wahhh...sedapnya suara Dato'...dah biasa karaoke gaya nyer"

For the past 3 weeks of my life in the Orthopaedic Department Hospital Sungai Buloh, I would say, is filled with numerous academic and non-academic events. It is truely 'UNLIKE ANY OTHER' - The motto of the Orthopaedic Department Hospital Sungai Buloh.

That's all

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Campaign


This entry is to support the Wordless Wednesday Campaign which is the day when bloggers all over the world put up pictures (without captions) in their blogs.

So, here goes...

That's all for now...gotta to jog...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prasath Swaminathan's Farewell Party


What can I say...the spagetti was delicious, the lamb and chicken were tender and juicy and the fruits were marvelous! Dr.Grill, you're number 1!!

Yesterday afternoon, the Orthopaedic department, Hospital Sungai Buloh held a BBQ farewell party for Dr. Prasath Swaminathan at the Orthopaedic clinic. He is one of the most competent house officers in the department. As Dato' Haji Zamyn Zuki (the Orthopaedic head of department) said, "Prasath has successfully completed the Grand Slam of Orthopaedics" (all by above 60% marks):-

  • The Viva
  • CME presentation
  • OSCE, and finally 
  • The Exhibition Round - he presented almost 40 patients in the whole HSB all by himself !!

His triumph has enabled him to gain the Elite title of an OrthoLifer - there are only 10 person with the recognition in the whole hospital.

Now, let us see what Dr. Grill has to offer:-

Spagetti, sauce, fruits ready to be served!

Fresh fruits and Salads....yummy!!

Makanan wajib!! Kambing panggang hahaha!!! Sedapppp!

Okay, terliur tak??? Meleleh air liur dibuatnya...

Our Mr. Universe, Kamarul also can't wait to bedal the lamb...

Abu Hurairah...HO paling kerap disebut-sebut di Jabatan Ortopedik HSB sekarang...

We had a good laugh together. Mr. Salleh gave an excellent citation of Prasath and Prasath delivered a short but meaningful end-of-posting speech. Dato' Zamyn closed the ceremony by acknowledging Prasath and his contributions to the department. I've always learn something each time Dato' delivers his speech and he never fails to amuse me with his jokes!!

From left: Blogger, Premjeet, Krish and Ronnie...(and Ms Jayamalar - only half of her, sorry boss)

The Man - Prasath Swaminathan...thank you for the marvelous and delicious BBQ

I wish Dr. Prasath to have an excellent journey ahead. Thank you very, very much for the 'Mind Boggling' food!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bicycle Ride


I had a wonderful, fruitful and joyous moment during my last weekend with my family in Temerloh. Kak Long Maisarah and Nabila both have a bicycle. However, both bicycles were out of order since almost a year ago. Thanks to me. Too busy with studying and working.

Maisarah is already 8 years old and she is still not capable of riding a bicycle, my poor little girl!

So, on Saturday, 9th of July, the day when the Bersih 2.0 rally took place in KL (takde kena mengena, hehehe), I went to a bicycle shop in Temerloh and had both the bicycles fixed. And my cute, adorable little boy, Hasif got a his first ever, 3-wheeled bicycle, Yeay!

So, here goes:-

  • 4 new hand brakes and brake cables for both bikes
  • 2 new paddles with Nabila's bike
  • A new, pink-coloured bell for each bike
  • A new set of bearing for Nabila's front tyre
  • Adjustment of alignment for Maisarah's front tyre and seat elevation

And they can't wait to Rock and Role!

Maisarah's bicycle - As good as new

Nabila's bike - a pink, 4-wheel ride!

The next morning we went to Kubang Gajah Park in Temerloh to practice. Initially it was very difficult for Maisarah to ride her bicycle. I have to hold the bike from behind and ran with her as she paddled. Nabila had no problem of course. She was riding her 4-wheel bicycle and she was speeding at 90km/hour    *laugh*

I am really proud of my eldest daughter, Maisarah. She practiced relentlessly. She fell multiple times with bruises over both her shins but she was persistent. We went to the park again in the afternoon for another practice session and to my surprise, she proudly demonstrated her newly acquired riding skill to me!! She rode her bicycle like a lipas kudung!

Kak Long bergaya dengan basikalnya...

Ni gaya Si Nabila pulak....bukan mainn lagi dia eksyen!

Nabila dan Maisarah bergaya dengan basikal masing2

Gedik nyer la Nabila ni...nak kena hantar sekolah agama awal budak ni...

Mama setia menungu dan memberi semangat

Well done Kak Long, Papa is very proud of you!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting ready for Umrah!


AlhamdulilLah, everything is going according to plan:-

  • I have got permission from my Head of Department, Dato' Haji Zamyn Zuki...thank you very much Dato' for approving my leave
  • I have faxed all the relevant documents to my dad's PA - A copy of my birth certificate, Identification card (IC), Passport, and
  • I have submitted all the relevant forms to the Health Ministry for formal application to go oversea
  • I have renewed my passport this morning (my previous passport will expire in October 2011 ie less than 6 month from the date of the umrah

Again, I have to thank Dato' Zamyn for allowing me to go to the Immigration Department today during office hour. Luckily there are enough medical officer to cover the Spine Clinic. My fellow registrars covered me during my absence.

I went to Immigration Department in Subang. I wondered 3 times around the area before I found the office. It was my first time there. There was not too many people. The Immigration officer at the counter and at the Passport Renewal Kiosk were very pleasant and helpful. I'm glad!!

Tak ramai orang kat sini...

Pegawai Imigresen sedang melayan pelanggan...excellent service!

It just took me over an hour to have my passport renewed. Just need to go to the kiosk machine, the officer will help you out. Submit a photocopy of your IC and a passport-size photo and pay a hundred ringgit.

After an hour, you can collect your passport already!!

  • No more Q
  • No more waiting for your number to be called

Excellent service!

Well done Immigration Office Subang Branch!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unforgetable Family Dinner at Kunang-Kunang Restaurant


My family and I had an enjoyable dinner at Kunang2 on last Saturday nite. All family members present except for Nadia and Fahmi who were busy preparing for the 'menyambut menantu' ceremony that is going to be held on the next day. Naqi and Rafahiah had already flew to Bandung to continue their study.

It was our first ever dinner-get-together at Kunang2. It is located at the Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road (MRR) 2, just before the exit to Karak Highway. The food is excellent, the environment is clean, there is a band playing every Saturday nite, and the food price is, I would say, acceptable. Luckily we managed to reserve an air-conditioned room for our dinner. 

Okay now, head count!!!

Mom and Dad
My family: 2 adults, 3 kids
Na's family: 2 adults, 3 kids
Iju's family: 2 adults, 3 kids
Ida's family: 2 adults, 3 kids
Ajib's family: 2 adults, 2 kids
Najwa and Khairil

Okay: A total of 29 person, 15 adults and 14 kids....Havocs

The newly wed couple, Najwa and Khairil, who just had their 'menyambut menantu' ceremony that afternoon at Restoren Seri Malaysia, also came. I think, the most obvious reason why all of us very excited about the dinner was because the bill will be on dad. So all of us can order whatsoever we want that nite and eat till we drop! Yeayyy!!!

Newly wed couple...Khairil and Najwa

Iju melayang nafsu makan dengan sepuas hatinya...

Ajib dengan aksi muka yang puas melantak segala makanan yang ada...

Sayang nyer Faiz kat Iman...

10 chicken chops, 2 lamb chops, 1 chicken cordeau (betul ke eja ni?), 3 plates of chinese fried rice, 3 set of fried tauhu, 2 fried kuew teaw, chips, uncountable fresh oranges, raspberry juice, laici and milo ice...and many, many more....even Sumayyah had her own meal that nite....

When the bill came, my dad strach his head,

"Betul ke ni?"      *hahahaha*

"Takpe la Aboh...sekali sekala aje...bukan selalu pun kita eat-out macam ni"    *laugh* 

My beloved Mom and Dad...

It was a meaningful, wonderful and memorable nite. We had good laugh together, sharing stories, telling many jokes, discussing some business matters and a bit of politics too *hahaha*. We hope we can have this large scale eat-out again sometime...say, maybe in Kemaman during Raya time...

Thank you sooo much to Aboh and Ma! We love both of you soooo muchh!!!

Terima Kasih Daun Keladi,
Lain Kali Belanja la Lagi....