Monday, July 25, 2011

Boys Time Out at an Old Town White Coffee


I just came back from a dinner with Kamarul and Sazali. We have chosen a well-known food outlet, Old Town White Coffee in Sungai Buloh. It is newly open, I think only a week ago.

While eating and chatting, suddenly we burst out with laughter...I just wanna share this with you.

Spot it if you can...

Cuba teka apa yang kelakar kat order form ni?

To the food outlet, don't worry. I'm sure it does not affect the customers impression on the brand. The more important aspects are the food quality and the service delivery. It will be awesome if you could correct the spelling though.



  1. Order Chit? Hahaha....

  2. chit tu memang betul kegunaan dia... cuba google define chit tu bro.... just informing, jgn marah yer...

    -kwn nkau kat kuantan-

  3. it is order chit.

  4. @Anonymous/kwn di kuantan: This is truely my ignorant. Learned a new vocab today. Just google 'chit' and found out at least 3 definition of it: Here goes:-

    chit 1 (cht)
    1. A statement of an amount owed for food and drink; a check.
    2. A short letter; a note.
    3. A Brownie point: earned vital chits with his party by making fundraising speeches.


    Apology to Old Town White Coffee