Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting ready for Umrah!


AlhamdulilLah, everything is going according to plan:-

  • I have got permission from my Head of Department, Dato' Haji Zamyn Zuki...thank you very much Dato' for approving my leave
  • I have faxed all the relevant documents to my dad's PA - A copy of my birth certificate, Identification card (IC), Passport, and
  • I have submitted all the relevant forms to the Health Ministry for formal application to go oversea
  • I have renewed my passport this morning (my previous passport will expire in October 2011 ie less than 6 month from the date of the umrah

Again, I have to thank Dato' Zamyn for allowing me to go to the Immigration Department today during office hour. Luckily there are enough medical officer to cover the Spine Clinic. My fellow registrars covered me during my absence.

I went to Immigration Department in Subang. I wondered 3 times around the area before I found the office. It was my first time there. There was not too many people. The Immigration officer at the counter and at the Passport Renewal Kiosk were very pleasant and helpful. I'm glad!!

Tak ramai orang kat sini...

Pegawai Imigresen sedang melayan pelanggan...excellent service!

It just took me over an hour to have my passport renewed. Just need to go to the kiosk machine, the officer will help you out. Submit a photocopy of your IC and a passport-size photo and pay a hundred ringgit.

After an hour, you can collect your passport already!!

  • No more Q
  • No more waiting for your number to be called

Excellent service!

Well done Immigration Office Subang Branch!!

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