Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why I hate Israel



You may ask me why I put the 'Boycott Israel' logo as my signature thumbnail. This recent news is one of million reasons that I can give. Israel illegal occupation on Palestinian land has long history. You can read the story, the struggle, plot and meticulous strategy and planning by the early zionist entities to create the state of Israel - and they succeeded.

Since then, the hardship of the Palestinian began. The tears and blood. The the Muslim world - watch closely....and watch....and watch...and see....and see.....Oh! I See (OIC) can only see until now...

Who to blame?

The Jews? The Christians? The Arabs?

I think we should blame ourselves first before pointing our fingers to others. The jews (Zionis) had planned 100 years ahead of us in shaping the world order. And we are struggling to be united even in a stand against a common enemy. We cooperate with the enemy to kill own brothers-in-Islam, to destroy and impose sanction on neighbouring Muslim state, to seek medical treatment in their countries (and put your heart/life in their hand), do you believe in them more than your own Muslim brothers?(I am referring to the Saudi King recent visit to USA). I think you do.

Waahh...I am talking at state level, maybe that's too much for you. Maybe, we should just look at ourselves first then (to talk at personal level, and to be more realistic and easier to ponder...)

Why don't we answer these few simple questions first before we talk big:

  1. When was the last time I pray in congregation in the mosque (excluding friday prayer)?
  2. Do I perform non obligatory prayer? Solat sunat - rawaatib, dhuha, witir. Are my prayer perfect enough to gain ticket to the heaven? You can go to Bukit Jalil to buy ticket to a football match, but not for this one bro...
  3. When was the last time I make non-obligatory fasting?
  4. When was the last time I visit a sick Muslim brothers/sisters-in-Islam
  5. How many Istighfar a day do I say? Tasbih? Tahmid? Tahlil?
  6. Do I make du'a everytime I perform prayer? or I just leave immediately after salam? Do I understand the meaning of the du'a?
  7. Do I understand the meaning of Al-Fatihah? How old are you now? How many times have your perform salat and read al-Fatihah (at least 17 times per day) for how many years now and you can't even at least memorize the meaning of al-Fatihah? You can memorise lyrics of many songs right? how many songs? Siti Norhaliza songs? Faizal Tahir songs? Awie? Search? Wings?
  8. Do I struggle financially to meet my needs every month? Very low income huh? Why don't you change it then?
  9. Who is my idol? A singer? A western singer? Actors? Actress? Fasha Sandha is it? or Pierre Andre? Rosham Noor? Can they give you syafaat (help and blessings) in the hereafter?
  10. Do I prefer to go to a musical concert, or to a nasyeed performance? Francisca Peters vs Maher Zain? Wings Vs Raihan?
  11. Do I prefer to watch a movie at the cinema. or to go to Islamic forum? Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL)? - Is it entertaining? Can bring you to the Jannah is it?
  12. Do I watch 'Forum Perdana' in the TV when it is on? or do I change it to different channel?
  13. Does my wife wear veil (tudung)? What about my sister? My mother? My cousin? Do I care?
  14. Do I take care of my aurat (body parts that are forbidden for others to see)?, Or do I prefer others to see them? Or do I care about it at all? Is my shirt and pants tight? Do I expose my forearms? Does my veil (tudung) cover my chest? Do I wear stocking? Is't your feet and forearms are aurah as well?

Bla...bla...bla...Do you ask yourselves these questions??? You ask yourself and I ask my self. You know yourselves better than other people. Am I asking questions that are too much to ask? Am I a fundamentalist? Islamic fundamentalist? If you said, Islamic fundamentalists are those who want to stick to the fundamentals of Islam - then, I am.

Don't talk big, don't talk about uniting the people, the country or the Muslim world if you can't even do simple thing... to change your own self. Israel can do whatsoever it wants for the next 100 years, there is nothing for them to worry, as long as WE ARE LIKE WE ARE at the current state.

Enough said. This is what I think.

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