Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank you everyone!


I would like to thank all the surgeons, doctors, staff nurses and all the staffs involved during the admission-surgery-and ward care of my untie in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) from 16-19 january 2011. Well done. May Allah rewards all of you, ameen.

The surgery was carried out on the 17th of January 2011 in OT8 of the general operation theatre (GOT). She was given general anaesthesia (GA) by Dr. Wong (anaesthetist), Dr. Neoh (registrar) and Dr. Komala (registrar). The main surgeon was Mr. Farshid and he was assisted by 2 other surgeons, Mr. Yazid Kassim and Ms. Hazla. The excision of the tumour was uneventful. The whole surgery took approximately an hour. The tumour was sent for histopathology examination (HPE).

Surgeons in action - Ms Hazla and Mr Farshid (and Mr Yazid Kasim behind Ms Hazla)

Incision over the Right Scapular

The excised tumour (im plastic bag)

The recovery process was smooth. The staff nurses in female Orthopaedic ward were marvelous. She was discharged with oral antibiotic and analgesics. Just now, she demostrated to me her newly-gained, painless range of motion (ROM) of the right shoulder. It was impressive. It is back to normal again. Now, all that I need to do is daily wound dressing at home (I am well-trained to do this hehehe, alhamdulilLah) until it completely heals.

I am so grateful. AlhamdulilLah. All praise to Allah. Thank you again everyone.

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  1. wound dressing,hhehe..skrg keje Yah pun asyik buat wound dressing n wound debridement je kat patient..rupanya lama jugak nk buat benda kena sterile n everything..huhu..

    bila tgk gmbr surgery tu, nmpk mcm tak sangka sebenarnya in reality, sgt santai..hehe..mula2 masuk OT terkejut jugak tgk doctor2 kat sini nyanyi2 kuat2, pasang lagu,bergurau senda ramai2. Especially yang surgery tgh malam n amek masa berjam2. I'm gonna miss surgery department :(

    Semoga cepat sembuh sepenuhnya =)