Sunday, January 9, 2011

A rewarding journey up north...

Yesterday was an exhilarating day for me....

0630 Woke up from sleep. Prayed Fajr prayer. Packed some bread and beverage for breakfast.

0730 Fetched Lenie and Azwan from their apartment in Taman Midah and headed north
towards Sabak Bernam. Had breakfast while driving

0945 Reached Kolej Komuniti Sabak Bernam. Nobody was there...(sigh). Supposed to start at
10am. Waited till 11am. 3 participants came accompanied by my sister-in-law (Intan)
and her hubby (Mokhlis).

1130 I began the session with 'Al-Fatihah'. 2 speakers - Dr. Shahnaz talked about the Score A
programme, an excellent online education portal for Malaysian students followed by Dr.
Lenie who explained thoroughly regarding the marketing plan for those interested to
make this programme as a business. Intan and Mokhlis also gave their heart-touching sharing regarding the programme. Congrats!! The session ended at 1245 noon.

1315 Continued the journey up north. Had some bread again for lunch.... Then, we had trouble
finding our way out to the North-South Highway Exit...luckily Azwan brought his GPS
along. Fuhh...what a relief!

1445 Reached North-South Highway. Drove up hungry but could not afford to stop
as the session in Alor Setar was supposed to start at 1630 (4.30pm). We got the news
form Dr. Nini, who is our leader in this programme that 30 people attended the session
in Penang this morning! Great news! Hopefully we got an excellent turn-out too in Alor
Setar yeay!

1730 Reached Alor Setar. Had problem to find Regent Hotel (the hotel was not shown on GPS
hahaha). After 3 phone calls asking the hotel staff, finally we arrived to the hotel. No
wonder it was not in the GPS, it was a small, and old 3-storey hotel. But, the interior was
not too bad, no prayer room though...and guess what? Only a friend was there, waiting
for us...(sigh). We took it positively, doesn't matter!! This is only a challenge...

1800 We prayed Zuhur/Asar prayer in the hall corner while waiting for other participants to
come. Yet, nobody came except 6 persons who already joined the programme. We
changed the session as a small group meeting (SGM) instead. Started the session at 1830

2000 We prayed maghrib/Isha. Had an excellent dinner at PakDa Restaurant, Alor Setar.
Thanks Lenie for the great dinner (that was our lunch too actually). We ate rice, tomyam,
vegetable soup and 'sotong celup tepung'...burrppp!!

2200 Drove further up to Perlis. Reached Dr. Lenie's home...met her mother. Took shower,
refreshed myself. Had a good boost of Nescafeeee....

2345 Begin the journey back home.

0430 Dropped Lenie and Azwan at their Apartment.

0500 Reached home, finally. AlhamdulilLah...Thank Allah for the safe journey, Now, I can rest
my back on my bed....

The journey took almost 24 hours...from KL-Sabak Bernam-Alor Setar-Perlis-KL. Unimaginable initially that I can do that. The aim was just to spread the knowledge about Score A, assist our children to excel in education and at the same time to share the opportunity for those who wants to make this Score A as a business, find extra income, give regular money to our parents especially in the challenging world we're living right now...

I will continue this struggle...insyaAllah. Those who are interested can email me. You can also read more on this programme here. Our company info is here.


  1. abg din, it was great you could do all these! u must be very strong inside out kan. just take care of yourself, dont push yourself over the limit. ya risaukan kesihatan abg din, ya xnk abg din too busy sampai x sehat. dont forget to take supplement, u need it. (eh sape doktor ni? haha)

    congratulations anyway! semoga dimurahkan rezeki sentiasa ameeeen

  2. bagusnya abg din. motivasi utk syima ni :)

  3. wow,kencang berjalan. all the best a.din with score A!