Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tetamu Allah!


I have been to Mecca (Mekah) and Medina (Madinah) once in 1993, after my SPM examination. At that time, I accompanied both my parents for umrah. At that time, we went to Medina first, visit the MasjidinNabawi, Masjid Quba', Perkuburan Baqi' and Jabal Uhud where the great Battle of Uhud took place.

Then, we continued our journey to Masjidil Haram in Mecca for umrah. Well, that was about 18 years ago. I always pray to be given another chance to go back again.

Well, Allah has answered my prayer. AlhamdulilLah.

Kaabah in Masjidil Haram, Makkatul Mukarramah

InsyaAllah, if everything goes as planned, I will be going to Mecca and Medina again on 29/07/2011 for umrah with my parents. I want to clean and purify my inner self. I want to change into a better person. I have huge hope and requests that I want to beg from Allah Almighty. I hope He grants me my wishes, ameen.


  1. masyaAllah.. semoga Allah permudahkan urusan abg din. syima pun teringin sgt nak ke mekah..

  2. Terima kasih Syima..sama2 kita berdoa semoga Shima dapat ke Mekah bersama2 keluarga.

  3. salam darling.. i'm so glad u r invited to be one of the most special guests of all.. to go to our most dreamt place, the kaabah baituLlah.. i want to be with u but the responsibilities here require my presence.. may u have the ultimate peace and all ur wish granted, ameen.. i'll be praying for ur safe journey.. please pray for us too..

    will be waiting for u,
    ur soulmate