Monday, June 6, 2011

An Enjoyable Trip to Petrosains KLCC


My family and I spent a wonderful and quality family outing together at KLCC yesterday. The initial plan was to leave our house at 11am and get into the Petrosains exhibition hall by 12 noon but when we arrived at the counter at 11:45am, we were told that the hall was like sardines in a can, fully packed with people. Ohhh, I've totally forgotten, it's school holiday! No wonder!

Yeay! Dah beli tiket dah!
Ahhh...who cares....we bought the tickets for 6 people - Myself, Shahnaz, Sofea, Maisarah, Nabila and Hasif. Okay, actually, to tell the truth, we only paid for 4. Nabila and Hasif got free tickets since they are below 4 years old. The earliest time to enter the hall was at 4pm. Plenty of time since it's only 12 noon. Hmmm..."what to do now...okay, who's hungry???). All the girls raised their hands.

Hasif - "Macamana nak buat V ni?"

Nabila, Sofea dan Maisarah enjoying themselves!


My 3 pretty gerlz....with their chicken drumsticks! (Kenapa Kak Long buat muka camtu?)

Smile Hasif! Sibuk nak main BB Papa...


Then we walked outside the Suria KLCC, enjoying the panoramic view, the man-made fountain and the playground. The kids were really enjoying themselves! That was when the problem arose.

Muka Sofea iras2 muka Dora the Explorer kat baju dia tu...

Seronoknya Fea...

Na sayang Papa!

"Where is Hasif?"

"There" - Shahnaz pointed towards a corner of the playground.
I saw Hasif was running here and there like a lipas kudung...suddenly he ran under a slide and over a wall...and wallahhh...he dissappeared!!!

Shahnaz and I ran towards him but he was nowhere to be found. We looked at each other. "Where is he???"

We started looking for him...up and down the stairs, down to the swimming pool area, asking people...but we couldn't find him.

"Sabar sayang" I tried to calm Shahnaz. Her eyes were already watery and red. We refused to panic. Not yet.

I talked to 2 security guards that were watching over the people there. "Ya...Ya...3 years old, boy, fair skin, straight and dark-brownish hair, blue shirt, white pants with brown shoes". I repeated 3 or 4 times to as many people that came across me.

"Ya Allah, please save my son, my only son" I prayed continuously. I put all the bad thoughts aside.

Hello, Polis ke? Saya sesat la...toloonn...ChipChip.

I gave my father a call, an emergency call. Asking for help, whatever he can do...

After half an hour, while searching for Hasif, I was approached by a security guard - "Encik, kita ada menerima laporan, ada sorang budak dijumpai di depan pintu Suria KLCC, lelaki, baju biru, seluar putih, tetapi budak cina".

"Tu anak saya tu!" I confidently told the security guard. "Memang muka dia macam cina"

I walked with the security guard to the ground floor Suria KLCC where the information counter is situated. And to my relief, I saw an exhausted, crying face in front of me...."Hasifff!!!!"

Hasif smiled and raised both his hands. And I saw Shahnaz and the 3 girls came down the escalator. She immediately held Hasif and cried...Now we know the feeling of losing a child, even for half an's devastating...


After zuhur prayer and a lite snack, we went up to 4th floor of Suria KLCC. We entered the Petrosains Exhibition sharp at 4pm.

The kids really benefited from this trip. So many new information, games and simulation inside. Especially, the Singing Dinasour, Space Travel and Helicopter Simulation.

Not centre enough la Kak Long!

Bergaya sakan budak2 ni...

Eksyen bersama Dinasour, ala2 model gedik gitu

Racing car...tak habis2 berebut!

We spent 2 and a half hour...till the exhibition finished at 6:30pm. I really recommend this Petrosains Exhibition to all parents and teachers. It is very informative and fun, though tiring. It is suitable for children and adults. But, try to avoid school holidays, or otherwise you will have to wait to enter.

That's all for now, folks..


  1. hoho, adik bace pon rase sedih. alhamdulillah hasif xdok mende2. bahaye goh, bleh plok die ilang, hehe.

    adik x rajin masuk pon petrosains tu, huhu.umur byk doh.

  2. hasilatul hana mohamedJune 6, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    WAH....very2 unforgetable momment..huhu...

  3. @Adik - Ni pun first time abg din dan kak shahnaz masuk Petrosains hehehe. Mmg bagus la...lain kali boleh bawak anak2 adik pulak (haaahh!)

    @Na - Unforgetable, but exhausted...letih wooo

  4. amboi2 fea, suke nye boleh gi jln. sokmo kate nk duk kl. wakakaka

    parok ngak hasif anak cine. ekekeke. buas dooh, ilang pa. huuu. bahaye la hasif ni, lari laju sgt.

    tp bestnye bace entry abg din. ya pon nk gi gokkkk

  5. abg din,nangis wa bila sampai part kak shanaz nangis jupe hasif smula..huuu..terharu rasa.dapat memahami perasaan kak shanza cmne..nasib baik sgt jupe semula.sofea kat umah abg din lg ke tu?wa ada nk bg cadar kat abg din.cadar lama abg din,tinggal kat umah ma,tp asyik lupa je nk bg kat abg din..hehe

  6. Din, Hasif tu kira ok lah dia ada bakat yang di warisi, Patut nya lepas jumpa beri dia makan pisang dia berhenti menangis lah macam skrip cerita asal 60 tahun dulu ....

  7. huhu.. nangis lagi baca posting abg din hok nih.. mmg trauma bab budak2 ilang ni.. sbb faaiz sufi pun buah gitu.. mmg takut sgt bila tetiba x napok derang.. alhamdulillah hasif dijumpai.. klcc punye la beso.. lgpun banyak kes kat situ.. alhamdulillah...

    tapi, mcm kenalllll je baju2 yg budak2 tu pakai.. hehe.. napok sedondon je.. hiii...

  8. @Ayah Din - bakat apa ni? Rupa2 nya ada rahsia tersimpan selama 60 tahun ni...ce cite, ce cite

    @Ida - terharu yer? hehehe...kalau gi jalan2 tempat yg crowded mmg kena waspada, mata mmg kena tgk anak2 aje, lebih2 lagi yg lelaki yg mmg macam lipas kudung ni...

  9. Din, tanya orang yang makan pisang tu, dia tahu lah cerita nya...