Sunday, March 20, 2011



We had an unplanned outing last nite,
Just my wife and I, dating hehehe *wink*

We were studying in the hospital library when my wife came out with the crazy idea at 11pm,
We did a quick search on the net - Suria KLCC versus Cheras Leisure Mall
Big Mama....Unknown....Merong Mahawangsa.....I am Number 4....World Invasion: Battle L.A...and a couple of Cantonese movies...."what shall it be dear?"

And we gave 'Unkown' a shot...had an excellent thumbs-up impression about the movie by Erhan (my brother-in-law-to-be)

And we went at 11:20pm
Arrived at KLCC at 11:40pm
Bought the tickets at 11:45pm,
Grapped a bucket of popcorn at 11:53pm,
And took our seats at 11:55pm - right on time!

What a movie,
Intrigueing really,
We watched late-nite show - screened at 11:55pm,
Talking bout d movie throughout our journey back home...*trying to figureout what a number of scenes really meant)
Safely arrived back home at 2:30am.

My wife said, "this is one of the secret of the happiness of our marriage"

* Studying together
* Eating together
*Walking together, and
* Spending time-out together, at least once a week, without our kids around hehehe *smile*
(Many more actually...)

Wokay, enough of storytelling....time for prayer...

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