Friday, March 25, 2011

Penang Trip


I am currently in Penang for the Orthopaedic Survival Course, an annual 1-day course, scheduled for tomorrow in Penang General Hospital.

Along with 5 other orthopaedic doctors - Dr.Sabarudin, Dr. Azrin, Dr.Nino. Dr.Ed and Dr.Shaidi, we departed from PPUKM at 9am this morning with my Toyota Estima. We had a good breakfast at Irshad Restaurant near Bandar Permaisuri.

We stopped at Changkat Jering for Friday prayer (it was my first time there *smile*).

We met an 86 years old uncle, a very healthy, polite, cheerful, and talkative. While eating banana, he shared with wisdom with us.

Ed: "Pakcik nampak sihat yer pakcik"
Tuan haji: "AlhamdulilLah sihat. Anak2 pakcik ada yang dah bertongkat, tapi pakcik masih kuat berjalan dan bawak motor" *smile*
Aku: "pakcik asal sini ke?"
Tuan Haji: "Yer. Asal sini, keluarga besar. 9 anak, 46 cucu, 16 cicit *smile* Nak sihat ni ada rahsianya..."

All of us kept quiet. Waiting for him to continue...

Tuan haji: "Every morning, after subuh prayer, I'll go down to the ground, doing daily chores, cleaning houses and rubbish on the ground, let the sun shines onto me".

We nodded

Tuan haji: "I don't like to rest and lie doing nothing like other old peoples. That will make you weak"

Tuan haji: "Follow what the prophet Muhammad saw teaches: Eat only when you're hungry, stop before you're full. Drink from a glass in many sips, and not finishes the whole drink in a go".

We nodded again. We thank the uncle for sharing his wisdom with us.

The conclusion:
1. Do daily exercise
2. Morning exposure to sun is good!  (don't forget vitamin D metabolism) *smile*
3. Eat only when you're hungry, stop before you're full
4. Drink slowly in multiple sips from a glass of water (as if you're drinking a hot drink)

Let's practise!

We arrived in Penang at 4:30pm. The traffic was good except for a delay during our travel crossing the Penang bridge. We can see the Penang second bridge construction project being in progress. We stay in Mingood Hotel, not far from Komtar. I am staying with one of my best friends, Dr.Sabaruddin. The other four stay in two other rooms.

Hope to gain the maximum and optimum benefit from the survival course tomorrow, insyaAllah.

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  1. nape tuan haji tetiba ckp omputeh??