Friday, December 9, 2011

Farewell Hospital Sungai Buloh! Till we meet again...


We had a simple but memorable farewell ceremony yesterday afternoon in the Orthopaedic clinic Hospital Sungai Buloh. AlhamdulilLah, it was a success. I would like to thank Dr. Khalid Ibrahim (the hospital director) and Dato' Zamyn for attending the event.

Special thanks to Hamzah and the gang for arranging the tables and chairs :) Can't do it without you guys. And to Aini, thanks for the nice and delicious cheese cake :)

"Terima kasih daun keladi"

We made special arrangement with "dR Grill BBQ Catering" for a lamb grill, fried meehoon, salad, bubur kacang and drinks...yummy!!

Salads on the buffet table

Hamzah 'Harry Potter' the magician and Shafie the Jawa Man

Blogger, Jawa Man and Sazali

Grilled lamb....yum yum!

dr Grill BBQ !!

Salads and Fruits - healthy diet (to balance out the cholesterol hehe)

Fareez the Fridge and Abu the Kiwi also came

Professional staffs from dR Grill BBQ

Tak sabar nak makan!

From left: Aini, Wani Ashraff, Rachel, Baiti, Shahira, Tee Kiat, Hamzah and Argon (forgot ur real name la Argon..)

My beloved house officers..please keep in touch!

From left: Mr. Kamarul, Ms Jaya, Mr Hazrin, Dr Kalid (Pengarah), Dato Zamyn, Blogger and Mr Sazali

I would like to thank Mr Salleh, as the MC for your kind words. You have inspired all of us in your own special ways. All 3 of us gave our farewell speeches, followed by Dr. Khalid and our beloved and respected head of department, Dato' Zamyn Zuki.

Hospital Sungai Buloh has given us lots of life experience, personality development, mentoring knowledge and acted as a medium for us to become orthopaedic surgeons. Maybe one day, I will come back to the department as a Spine Fellow, who knows?  *smile*

Thanks for the ORTHOLIFER Badge Dato'!! Proud to be one. We'll wear it with proud!


  1. i miss the ceremony. stupid code blue. stuck in ED. huhu~ till we meet again. thank you for being a good teacher and example to all of us. i weared the ORTHOLIFER badge once with proud till i dropped it somewhere. i dunno why i'm so honest telling Dato' that i lost it. still wondering whether i shoud wear it till i lost it or just keep it somewhere at home. but too late. already lost it :(

  2. @Haneem - Sayang nyer badge tu hilang..bukan senang nak dapat tu...dan bukan semua orang boleh dapat...

    Cuba mintak ganti lagi satu badge dari Dato' hehe

  3. Tak ajak saya pun!!huhu...takpelah..whatever it,thanks to all registrars for helping me get through ortho...err..ex semua mister..heheh