Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bird Park and Water Park!


This couple of weeks really like living in the heaven. As if I'm flying on the sky...all the happiness and joy that I received. The same goes to my kids. As if they are taking revenge on me for not being with them for a long time due to obvious reasons.

We spent this couple of weeks together, just me, my wife and my 3 lovely and cheerful kids...and bibik...bibik kena bawak sekali...fully utilised  *hehehe*

We went to KL Bird Park 2 weeks ago. We spend almost 4 hours touring around the park, watching the bird show and taking pictures with the birds. Magnificent park!!

You will be surprise to see all the tame parrots and canary, free-flying flamingo and the beautiful Hornbills. The peacocks were very pretty. The kids really love the playground, the bird show and the nursery!

A Hornbill

Enjoying ourselves!

Pretty couple...

With the birds! - RM35 per session

Kolam ikan pun ada gak

Peacock family...

Anak ayam baru menetas...

On last Sunday, we travel towards Kuantan, to Bukit Gambang Resort City. That was our first time there. WoW!! The park was packed with people, even though it was raining like Cats and Dogs!  *Laugh*

I think all the games, facilities and excitement that it offers are comparable to Desa Water Park and Sunway Lagoon Wet Park in Kuala Lumpur.

Entrance to the water park

Dah letih main air...seronok betul budak2 bertiga ni

Bergaya sakan...

One of the top spot!

The park opens at 10am and closed at 6:30pm, it is open to public everyday except on Tuesday. It really worth the money. The kids really enjoy themselves!!

This weekend we're going to Port Dickson for a Family Day event. The kids really looking forward for it...

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  1. bestnya..teringat time kecik2 dulu jln2 kat kl bird park, butterfly park etc..really miss those moments! besar nanti maisarah, nabila n hasif mesti akan ingat moment ni sampai bila2 :D

    Happy holiday the happy family!