Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Toyota Camry Upgrade - 2nd phase


Last Sunday, I have upgraded my 2000cc, 1994 Toyota Camry. I bought it in 2000 during my study in New Zealand for NZD12 000 (About RM20 K at that time). It's an old car, but still in good condition,

Early this year, we painted it gold.  The audio system was an old, original Toyota cassette player. The FM frequency can hardly get 2 channels (even after I installed the booster in). The AM frequency - no need to mention - hopeless.

After 15 years of its life, 3 out of 4 speakers were mute. Only the front left speaker produces sounds...or more accurately, some noise :) This time, I've changed its sound system.

Wear and Tear - Rear Speakers

Broken Front Speaker

No wonder the speakers can't produce any sound. So, here what  I did last Sunday.

New set of Pioneer 16cm speakers

New front speaker

Rear Speakers Cover

Orite, I'm sure my wife will be happy with these new toys installed in her car. If she is happy, I am happy. The happier she is, the less noise she produces *hehehe*    Just kidding dear.

Hmmm...I'm satisfied, so now. Next phase - Tint the screen, engine tuning, tyre change, front light beam...and, maybe a facelift as well.

All I need is CASH (or, maybe credit card may serves its purpose hehe).


  1. Wah, seme benda nk tuko.
    Jadi supo baru balik laa.

  2. InsyaAllah Eryza, tapi kena buat in stages sbb melibatkan perbelanjaan yg besar.

    Kereta ni mmg kita kena jaga dia, belai. Dia macam ada jiwa...kalau kita tak jaga, nanti dia merajuk.