Friday, August 19, 2011

Memorable Journey to Mekkah


After spending 4 days in Madinah, on Tuesday, we departed for Makkatul Mukarramah for the our main purpose...UMRAH. Most of the jemaah from Zahafiz Travel boarded a bus to Mekkah. My family and I and a number of close friends traveled in six units of GMC MPV.

My lovely mum...

4WD, 8 cylinder GMC MPV

We stopped at Bir Ali Miqat, which is about 20km out of Madinah, for half an hour to say our intention and prayed 2 rakaah of solah.

Barely 76km away from Mekkah, we heard an explosion!! *Pommpp!!!* Our back tyre punctured in the middle of the road.  Luckily, another GMC trailed us from behind and both drivers managed to change the flat tyre. We experience unique moment of breaking our fast by the road side that evening with a couple of dates and a glass of water!!  haha  *Laugh*


Unloading the spare tyre...thank you sheikhs!!

Sempat ambik gambar lagi hehe

Masjidil Haram in Mekkah...SubhanalLah!!

We arrived in Mekkah at 9:00pm...and we can see the crowd, mostly in black and their thousands flocking to Masjidil Haram!!!

They were preparing for terawikh prayer...Because the mosque was soooo full, many of them prayed outside the mosque, even on the road, in front of the hotels...on the stairs....Magnificent moment!! I wish all of you can view it for yourselves one day!! SubhanalLaH!!

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  1. bestnye a.din! x rajin puas kalu gi mekkah n madinah orp.

    bahaye goh tayar pecah. panas ngat kot tu.