Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We are shifting again!


About half an hour ago, I received a letter from the Ministry of Health confirming my transfer to Hospital Sungai Buloh. Shahnaz is going to be assigned as an anaesthetist at Hospital Sultan Ahmad Shah (HOSHAS) in Temerloh, most probably next week. So, here we go again...

We just shifted to our current house in March 2010, barely a year ago. If I looked back, since 2002 when we first started housemanship, we have shifted 6 times (and bought 2 of the houses hahaha)! This is going to be the 7th! "Ohhh, it's okay, Demi kepentingan perkhidmatan kepada rakyat dan negara....cliche huh!"

Nabila is schooling in Qdees Taman Midah under Teacher Salma. She is really a dedicated and experienced teacher. Nabila can already read Malay and English fluently now, just within 5 months under her guidance. We almost decided to change her school early this year looking at her academic performance when she was 4 years of age, under different teacher of course. After a lengthy discussion with the Qdees principal, Ms Kaviar Kaur, we decided to give it another try. She promised to put Nabila under teacher Salma. Her previous teacher (when Nabila was four) apparently quit her job (terminated??).  We got news that many other parents complained about her.

Nabila was devastated by the fact that she has to enter different school. The first time she knew about this, she cried and appealed multiple times:

     "Mama, Papa, Na suka sekolah Qdees ni...."
     "Papa, nanti Na rindu Teacher Salma"
     "Mama, nanti cikgu baru Na garang"

and many other reasons...

Some friends asked me, "why don't you stay here with the kids? Let Shahnaz works in Temerloh"

I replied, "Yeah...good idea. Let Shahnaz works in Temerloh and let me stay here with kids and our MAID!" If the JAWI raids our house then what??

Nabila really enjoys her school. Allow me to share a story. Shahnaz and I went to here kindergarten on 23th of May 2010 (after I came back from Kota Bharu for my exam) to celeberate her birthday (her birthday was actually on 17th of May) for a surprise birthday cake and gifts! Nabila and her friends were extremely excited!!

Kelas Nabila: En Graham Bell under Teacher Salma

Nabila and her kindy friends

With her best friend...dah lupa dah nama apa...

Okay, the cake is here! (Teacher Salma in the background)

"I am ready to cut the cake!"

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Nabila"

Banyaknya chocolate and sweets!

"Na Sayang Mama!, Thank you Mama!"

"Thank you Papa, I luv you Papa"

To my kids, be patience...this is temporary. This is a challenge to us all. I pray to Allah that I pass my exam this November so that I can join all of you in Temerloh. Ameen.

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  1. Insya-Allah brother.
    I have faith in you.
    All of us do.

    Including Mr JB himself, I am sure of that.