Monday, June 20, 2011

New Experience!


What a day! We started Grand Ward Round (GWR) at 0730H and finished at 1400H today. The whole Orthopaedic team of Hospital Sungai Buloh joined the round including Dato' Haji Zamyn Zuki, who is the head of department. My respected mentor, Mr Shahrid, who is also Spine Consultant is around together with other specialists - Mr. Chong, Mr. Roshan, Mr. Salleh, Mr. Hazrin and Ms Jaya. On top of that, the Registrars (Residents), Medical Officers (MO) and House Officers (HO), Medical Assistant (MA), Staff Nurses (SN), Sister and Matron also involved. I think, the GWR today was the longest GWR that I ever encountered throughout my medical career! Kamarul, one of the registrars said "my knees became recurvatum by the end of the GWR" *Hahaha*

Anyway, we have learnt a lot from today's GWR, participating in the discussion as well as impart some knowledge that we have with fellow medical and house officers. Sazali, Kamarul and I did a quick night round with the HOs last nite, just to familiarize ourselves with the patients - Memang berbaloi!

As a consequence, my time with my family members have to be cut short. I have to travel back to Kuala Lumpur from Temerloh on Sunday afternoon, around 1700H. The journey took 2 hours. My inner self whispers "If only I still work in UKM Medical Centre, I would have travel on monday morning itself". The situation and circumstances in Hospital Sungai Buloh do not permit such an idea.

Nabila cried when I started my Estima's engine. "Papa, Papa bagitau la cikgu Papa, Papa pindah la kat sini. Na rindu Papa, Papa jangan la pergi Kuala Lumpur, Na nak ikut Papa". My heart cried yesterday...

My 2 lovely daughters

"Jangan la balik Papa..."

Bye Bye Papa! Hasif masih tak faham apa2 lagi...

Throughout the journey from Temerloh to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, my heart cried. I can't really described the feeling. Now I know and fully understand the feeling of Sazali, who have been traveling every weekend to Kuantan to see his family for the past 2 years...I'm devastated. I felt sorrow in the Sunday morning itself, moodless, unease, discomfort, sad....while driving, I already starting missing my kids....I really hope I can cope with this situation. I shared my feelings with Sazali last nite...He gave me a couple of advices. BE STRONG! BE PATIENT!

Ya Allah, please guide me! Ya Allah , please give me strenght!


  1. Stay strong my friend.

  2. din,
    nice writing..happy father's day ....:-)

  3. i feel for u bro....just persevere.. Insyaallah, it will end in november.

  4. Salam Din, just a little bit of patient, one day they all (ur kids) will understand...InsyaAllah

  5. mesti la xdok mood kalo rindu :(

    semoga sume ni cepat berakhir dgn abg din jadi pakar n move to temorloh too

    p/s: na comel ngak kate abg din ade cikgu huhu

  6. huuu sedih plok bace.. all the best a.din, moga pengorbanan a.din ni membawa kpd something bigger for you and famil!

  7. abg din ni ...cried dalam hati ker cried kat luar ni...pesengan macam nangis kat luar jew....

  8. sabar yer a.din, kshahnaz n femly...

  9. Abang din... sedih baca but percayalah...the kids will get use to it...we have been there and done that... bukan senang to stay away from the people we love but kesenangan yang datang perlukan pengorbanan...will doakan semua berjalan lancar untuk family abang din...

    p/s: there was once masa riaz sedih kene duduk Kl n i said to him...if u tak strong... macam mana we all kat melaka nak tenang..?.. 2-2 sedih but we had no choice..sabar ya...just say this to urself (actually this is what riaz said to me once).... though we are staying far takes only a couple of hours for us to be me n i will be running back to u....though it sounds so muuuushyy but as a wife... lega mendengarnya... :)