Thursday, September 15, 2011

Six weeks away!!


I am six week away from my final CBO (Conjoint Board of Orthopaedic) Postgraduate Exam. Hmmm...this is gonna be my 4th attempt already. During the last 3 attempts, I passed all the components of theory part that include the BAQ (Best Answer Question) as well as 2 essay questions.

During the clinical part of the exam, I failed my long-case component. Even though I passed the other components of the clinical parts - OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), VIVA VOCE (Verbal Objective Clinical Examination) and Short case clinical examination, I have to sit for all the components once again, for the 4th time that is....Excellent huh?!         *sigh*

If you ask anybody on how to pass the exam, the answer will be the same:

Usaha + Doa + Tawakkal

Following the last failure, me and 3 other colleagues were 'exiled' to Hospital Sungai Buloh. For me, personally, this is a blessing in disguise. I thank Allah for this opportunity to know great surgeons - Dato' Zamyn Zuki, Mr. Shahrid, Mr. Salleh, Mr. Hazrin, Mr. Chong, Mr. Roshan and Ms. Jayamalar. We've learnt a lot from them. Not only orthopaedic-related knowledge, but also about LIFE. The Ortho-Lifer in Hospital Sungai Buloh can share this with you...ask them what LIFE means...

The 4 registrars during HOST 1

Dr. Kamarul...non stop body-and-knowledge-building

Dr. Sazali, Mr. Fairudz and Dr. Kamarul during OSA trip

Dr. Sabaruddin in action...tunjuk power kat sisters...

The Blogger, The Guitarist and Mr. Universe AKA the filmstar

With CEO of OSA Technology, Prof.Haizan and Mr. Hazrin

Please pray for me and my fellow colleagues - Dr. Kamarul, Dr. Sabaruddin and Dr. Sazali. I hope we'll get through the exam this time, ameen.


  1. InsyaAllah..doa kami sentiasa mengiringi kalian semua wahai sahabat-sahabat..
    jangan putus asa..
    Doa Doa Doa..Insyaallah


  2. slm sweetie, remember,don't rely solely on ur logic/conscious mind. every single thing has its own soul/roh nya. use ur intuition and subconscious mind to guide u through. insyaAllah u'll make it this time, i'm very sure. luvs, ur soulmate..

  3. doakan le jugak member nkau yg ter'exile' lg jauh... sampai ke kuantan ni...

  4. Jangan risau...aku akan doakan habis-habisan.. korang suma pass kali ni.. insyaAllah