Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guide for the new journey ahead


I have many great teachers and mentors that guide me throughout my career, as a house officer, as a medical officer as well as during my training period as a registrar. I'm so grateful for that. They are always willing to impart their knowledge and share their experience. I would like to share with you 3 of my mentors' advise (these are their exact words!):

Tahniah kerana telah lulus Peperiksaan Sarjana Ortopedik. Syukur AlhamdulilLah. Berkat doa + solat kita semua. Semoga Allah merahmati kejayaan kita dan mempermudahkan perjalanan saudara bertiga seterusnya..Z

*PS. Bertiga - Referring to Dr. Kamarul, Dr. Sazali and myself

Dato' Dr Zamyn Zuki bin Tan Sri Mohd Zuki,
Consultant Spine Surgeon
Head or Orthopaedic Department
Sungai Buloh Hospital

Assalamualaikum, tahniah kerana telah lulus untuk menjadi Pakar Ortopedik. 

Forget about the past. You're now in a completely different world. All the patient responsibility now on you. Don't make minstake, know your limitation. Always discuss with your boss and don't take unnecessary responsibility. 

Selamat maju jaya dan berusaha untuk memajukan diri. Tq

Mr Zulkiflee Osman
Consultant Paediaric Orthopaedic Surgeon
Head of Orthopaedic Department
Penang General Hospital

Congrats! All the best, this is the beginning of new journey! Enjoy yourself.

Madam Razana Amran,
Consultant Hand and Microsurgery Surgeon

I will remember their advise. The advise will be my guidance in pursuing achievement in my career. There are many for wishes and greetings from other specialists, colleagues, medical officers, houseman and friends. I thank them all. I am very happy and grateful for this achievement. It is not easy, however it is achievable.

I did my first surgery as an Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday. Teaching a new medical officer, open reduction and plating of the radius and ulna. "Haneem, it's my pleasure to teach you. Just remember, you have to read before you start doing the surgery. You have to know what you're doing"

The procedure is one of the surgeries that new medical officers have to learn when they're in the Orthopaedic department. Eventually, their skills will develop and their knowledge will grow.

Only Allah knows my feelings when the time seeing 'Mr Mahyuddin' on the board!! :)

I will continue the legacy of my mentors. May our good deeds be encountered for insyaAllah for our life in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.


  1. abang din,im so proud of you! and i will surpass your achievement,hahahahaha.